Position Paper: Citizens Observatory for Health

Addressing the Crisis: Health Professionals’ General Strike in Mozambique We appreciate the opportunity to shed lighton the on going crisis surrounding the health professionals’ general strike in Mozambique. This position paper aims to underscore the gravity of the situation and advocate for urgent action to resolve it. The reports that the Citizen Observatory for Health […]

Civil society calls for widespread distribution of methadone throughout the country

Methadone is a narcotic mainly used to treat heroin and other drug addicts. In terms of its chemical composition, this substance is practically identical to morphine, acting on the same receptors and with positive effects. This medicine is indicated for detoxification treatment in medical services, as well as for temporary maintenance therapy for People Who […]


“Despite the addition of 25 billion Meticais to the health budget, it may still suffer deterioration in purchasing power as a result of the effect of inflation” 1.     Introduction The Parliament approved, in general, the Economic, Social and State Budget Plan (PESOE) for the year 2024 on December 7, 2023, subsequently, promulgated by the President […]

Terrorism Harms Access to Health Services in Cabo Delgado

The people living in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado have been victim of violent extremism, carried out by Islamic terrorists since October 2017. As a result of the attacks, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency, about one million people have fled their homes in the last five years due to the violence. […]

PENV Evaluation: Key Populations Denounce Stigmatization in Health Units

The Citizen Observatory for Health (OCS) carried out a study aimed at assessing the degree to which the National Strategic Plan for the Response to HIV and AIDS (PENV) has been realized in relation to its strategic objectives and targets, using performance indicators defined for key populations and other vulnerable populations. This work involved some […]

Civil Society Speeds up Revision of the Patients’ Charter to Forward it to the Government

The Citizen Observatory for Health (OCS) – in partnership with various Civil Society Organizations working in health sector in Mozambique, namely: NAMATI and Medicus Mundi – calls for more flexible actions aimed at reviewing and updating the Charter of Patients’ Rights and Duties (CDDD). According to these organizations, the document in question, approved by Resolution […]

MISAU must follow WHO warnings and prepare for the return of a possible pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the world in the recent times, causing the deaths of thousands of people. In Mozambique, according to data made public by the Ministry of Health (MISAU), the disease was behind the deaths of 1.976 citizens. The pandemic has called the National Health System (SNS) into question, showing that it lacks […]

OCS considers criminal proceedings against “corrupt” nurses a right decision

The Maputo Provincial Office for Combating Corruption (GPCCM) – through case 98/10/P/GPCCM/2023 – has recently made six maternal and child health nurses at Matola Provincial Hospital, in the southern province of Maputo, defendants for being involved in illicit charges against a patient. According to the GPCCM, the victim, who had gone to the maternity ward […]


Different Civil Society Organizations call for the need to respect the rights of the LGBTQI+ community and other vulnerable groups within the National Health System, based on the principle that all citizens are equal under the laws in force in the Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique. The Organization expressed this position last week (13 […]

OCS promotes debate about access to healthcare for LGBTQI+ community and Marginalized Populations

The Citizen Observatory for Health (OCS) will hold, on 13 December, an international conference entitled “Promoting Access to Health for Marginalized Populations and the LGBTQI+ Community.” The event, which is part of the “Empowering the LGBTQ+ Community in Mozambique” project, has the main objective of advocating inclusion in access to health for marginalized groups, by […]

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