Conference on Access to Health Care in Mozambique

Meet the speaker for the panel focused on the Access to Medicines for People with Disabilities.Save the following dates: June 30th and July 1st.Together we will be reflecting on Access to Health in Mozambique.

Infant Mortality, Insufficient Infrastructure and Poor Quality of Education Worry Nurses

Before she thought of becoming a nurse, to face different challenges daily, Domingas Jacinto was already sure that her life would be dedicated to people looking for help to survive. Seventeen years later, being profession of nursing, in the southern province of Inhambane, Domingas Jacinto has been focused on “taking care of people seeking help, […]

Misdiagnoses and Slowness of Medical Treatment Put Hundreds of Women at Risk

Poor medical assistance, misdiagnoses and delays in the treatment of women with cancer, at the oncology service of Maputo Central Hospital (HCM, abbreviation in Portuguese), the largest hospital in the country, have been putting the health of hundreds of women at risk. By the way, it seems to be the best hospital with conditions for […]

Debt Service would purchase eight times more medicines in Mozambique

Abstract Debt service is an expenditure that represents a high opportunity cost to Mozambican society, as it compromises the allocation and execution of resources for the health sector, affecting the purchase of medicines. This analysis estimated the potential results of the amount spent on debt service in strengthening the medicine response capacity of the public […]

Impact of debt service on the provision of health services

Executive Summary From 2010 to 2020, in Mozambique, the public debt increased exponentially, rising from 119.9 billion meticais in 2010 to about 948.7 billion meticais in 2020. In this period, the external debt represented about 80% of the debt stock. The contracting of the so-called “hidden debts” was responsible for the extrapolation of the limits […]

Government contributes just under 3% of total HIV Sexual and Reproductive Health Expenditure

Download here 1. INTRODUCTION The sustainable and balanced socioeconomic development of a country depends, considerably, on the continuous provision of public goods and services, associated with the institutional capacity to allocate and manage resources efficiently, taking into account the prioritization and functionality of each sector for Human Development (GMD, 2018). Access to qualitative health services […]

Nurse Walks Two Hours to Reach the Health Center Where She Works Alone

The Mozambican nurse Adélia Nacucula, 30 years old, travels a distance of over two hours to arrive at Matsékwa Health Center, in Catembe District, to serve patients who seek health unit for medical care. The lack of conditions in the residence, conceived for the nurses of the Matsékwe Health Center, led Nacucula to rent a […]