There have been several reports of lack of medicines in various Health Units in the country, including Mozambique’s capital Maputo city, allegedly because the stock is over.

In some cases, it is even a rupture in the warehouses. In other health units, there is simply no report of any stock rupture.

This situation ends up creating constraints for patients, especially chronic patients, who sometimes find themselves interrupting the medication cycle, contributing to the worsening of their health condition. 

The OCS wrote an article in which patients denounced the lack of antiretrovirals in some health units in Maputo city, especially in the 1º de Maio and Alto-Maé health centers.

Article available at:

In its position, presented by the coordinator of the Funding and Public Spending pillar, Rogério Simango, during the 24th session of the Development Observatory of Maputo city, held recently, the OCS believes that coordination mechanisms in health units should be improved, with a view to the timely availability of medicines, particularly anti-retroviral drugs.

“Mechanisms of acquisition and availability of medicines for chronic diseases and for people with disabilities should be strengthened”, he said.

Civil society believes that hygiene measures should be strengthened in health centers, including the placement of containers and hygiene material to improve hygiene in bathrooms, particularly in this period of cholera outbreak.

“We call for greater supervision and control of medicine that are made available to health units in the SNS, taking into account the accountability of individuals involved in deviation of the same medicine”, he stressed. The Development Observatory of Maputo city took place under the theme “Participatory Governance in the Context of Decentralization”, and was led by the Secretary of State of the Mozambican capital, Vicente Joaquim.

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