Within the fight against Obstetric Violence, Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian Contexts, as well as in the context of the promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Schools, the Citizen Observatory for Health (OCS) and Ipas-Mozambique will hold on Friday (09) of the current week, in Maputo, a seminar which aims to discuss and reflect on the issues alluded above. 
The event, which is part of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign for the End of Violence Against Women and Girls, aims to disseminate the results of research developed by the two organizations, namely:
Ø  Research on Obstetric Violence in Maternities;
Ø  Research on the Removal of the Content relating to Sexuality in the Grade 7 Book;
Ø  Research on the Gaps in the Provision of Comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Services for Survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Contexts of Humanitarian Assistance in Mozambique.
According to the OCS Vice-Director, Diolene Gimo, more than presenting research results, it is also intended to instigate a multi-sectoral and inclusive debate in search of joint solutions for an adequate response to current challenges linked to gender-based violence in different approaches.
For Gimo, debates on the issues being alluded to are pertinent to the public at a time when cases of violence, both obstetric and gender-based, have been gaining alarming proportions within communities.
“We are in the context of the celebrations of the 16 Days of Activism for the End of Violence against Women and Girls, and in the preparations for the celebration of the International Human Rights Day. Therefore, the themes presented in this seminar are of great interest to women, as they are the main victims”, he stressed.
“We have listened to reports and witnessed the dramas experienced by pregnant women, women in labor and women who have recently given birth. They have faced, in maternity wards, situations that lead to irreparable loss for several families, raising fear among women who intend to become mothers”, Gimo said.
About the withdrawal of the sexuality content from the 7th grade textbook, the deputy director reminds that “this situation has touched different sensibilities and, although much progress has been made, regarding the access and enjoyment of sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents and youth, one can perceive that society is still closed and adverse to discussions on this issue, even worse in public spaces.”
This event, adds Gimo, is very important not only to disseminate research but also to discuss, with different social groups, possible solutions to continue safeguarding the human rights of women and girls.
With this event, we hope to influence, mobilize and sensitize all governmental actors (Ministry of Health, health service providers, health care providers) and society in general.
The research on Obstetric Violence and Adolescents’ Perspective on the Removal of Sexuality Content in the Grade 7 Book were carried out within the framework of the Sou Cidadão Project (I’m a citizen) and funded by the European Union, through PAANE.

To participate in the Zoom Seminar, access the following link:


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