The activities carried out in partnership with OSISA aim to influence the development and effective implementation of sustainable financing policies of the health sector for universal coverage of the in Mozambique. Strengthen – throughout the country and at the regional level, the movement in favor of the right to health – as a means to boost the agenda of universal coverage in the field of health, within the region;

Sou Cidadão is a project aimed at contributing to improving the quality and efficiency of services provided to the Education and Health public sectors, by strengthening the involvement of citizens and Civil Society Organisations in service monitoring and policy advocacy in Inhambane , Cabo Delgado, Niassa, Sofala and Tete.


The activities, carried out in partnership with the PAI, within the scope of the GFF Programme, are aimed at contributing to the maintenance of the levels of provision of pre-COVID-19 services and basic health care in the cities of Maputo and Matola, as well as in the district of Marracuene . The same activities are also aimed at contributing to the appreciation of the Community Activists’ interventionist action in carrying out activities related to community health and support for chronically ill patients. In such activities, there is also an intervening role in the Management of Public Finances aimed at the Health Sector, with the aim of tracking the budget and measuring the distribution of government and donor funding for the health sector in Mozambique, with particular focus on the GFF Programme.

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