Clélia Pondja

holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, a Master’s degree in in Anthropology of Inter-Ethnic Migration and a PhD in Anthropology. Throughout her career in the field of research, she worked as a consultant of the project IMPACT/BICA and as a focal point in the field of gender at the Centro de Integridade Pública (CIP). In addition to dedicating herself to research in different areas, Pondja is a Human Rights activist and, in particular, a Women's Rights activist for Gender Equality and Equity and is also concerned with defending the right to access to decent public health for all citizens. She currently works as the Monitoring and Research Coordinator at the OCS.

Marta Simone

is trained in Journalism, Sociology and Pharmacology. She worked as a social activist and consultant. Her work include consultancy and research for fair and equitable access to medicines; she also defends the cause of Human Rights in access to qualitative health services. At the OCS, she currently works as a Programme Officer.

António Mate

holds a degree in Political Sciences at the Eduardo Mondlane University, and his interest is health policy studies. Mathe is also a social activist and defender of Human Rights - Mathe is also a social activist and a defender of human rights - the road map that guides his citizenship action on behalf of the “voiceless”. Currently, he is a Program Assistant in the Public Participation field at the OCS.

Ananias Congolo

is trained in Information Technology and Accounts. He previously worked as an academic monitor of Information Technology at the Institute of Information Technology and Management, as well as at the ABC Training Center. He also worked at JC Consultores, in the Accounts and Taxation department. Congolo is a social activist concerned with destitute elderly people, homeless and the disadvantaged. In his approaches, he has defended the need to implement, from Basic Education, content related to entrepreneurship. At the OCS, Congolo works as an Accounting and Human Resources Assistant.

Rogério Simango

holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finances (with technical expertise in budgeting, financial management, financial analysis, and analysis of financial investments) from the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM). Currently, he is a student of Applied Informatics at the Pedagogical University (UP) and an OCS consultant in the area of analysis of Financing and Public Budget Execution in the health sector. Simango is interested in studies in the following areas: Analysis and Management of Investment Projects, Projections and Forecasts in terms of Probable Trends in Fluctuations and Fluctuations in Macroeconomic and Financial Aggregates due to the fact that these areas have a great impact on the social and economic life of Mozambique. Working in the areas mentioned above, Simango hopes to contribute for the reduction of inequality in Mozambique.

Jorge Matine

is the founder and Executive Director of Observatório do Cidadão para Saúde (OCS) and, since 2019, leads Ipas – Mozambique safe abortion programme. He’s also sits in the Board of Directors of the Fórum de Monitoria do Orçamento (FMO), a budget monitoring body. Matine has extensive experience in the areas of research on issues of public policy and sexual rights, sexual and reproductive health. He was Pathfinder International - Mozambique sexual and reproductive rights director, with specific focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights, including safe abortion. He also worked as the Public Income and Expenditure programme researcher and coordinator at the Centro de Integridade Pública (CIP) – a non-governmental organisation that does anti-corruption and good governance work. Matine also worked as a technical advisor to the United Nations (UN) for adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health programs. Matine has a degree in Medical Sciences and a PhD in Social Work and Health Care.

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