Shortage of Working Tools and Low Salary Worry Midwives

Every 5 and 12 May, it is celebrated the International Day of Midwives and the International Nurses’ Day, respectively. These dates are celebrated in order to highlight the contributions of these health professionals, responsible entities for the welfare of people around the world. In Mozambique, these dates are marked by moments of reflection on the […]

Civil Society Advocates Improved Mechanisms for Medicine  Availability

There have been several reports of lack of medicines in various Health Units in the country, including Mozambique’s capital Maputo city, allegedly because the stock is over. In some cases, it is even a rupture in the warehouses. In other health units, there is simply no report of any stock rupture. This situation ends up […]

Despite Progress: Government Acknowledges Continued High Prevalence of HIV in the Mozambique

The Government acknowledgesthat the prevalence of HIV-AIDS in Mozambique remains high, despite remarkable progress in recent years towards achieving the UNAIDS 95-95 targets. In other words, 95% of HIV-positive individuals know their status, 95% of those who know their HIV-positive status are on antiviral treatment and 95% of those on treatment achieve viral suppression. According […]

Government Must Strengthen Regulation Regarding Opening of Health Training Institutions

The number of institutions dedicated to medical training has been growing, thus increasing the number of professionals in the health area, working in various health units spread throughout the country. According to data from the latest Statistical Yearbook of Health, in 2021, the country had a total of 64,424 health professionals, which corresponds to an […]

Health Minister warns that cholera outbreaks remain in the country

The Mozambique’s Minister of Health, Armindo Tiago, has warned that despite the improvement in the epidemiological situation of cholera, which has been recorded in recent weeks in the country, it is not yet time to lower our guard, as there are still important transmissions in several regions of the country. As an example, Tiago says […]

Inhambane Province: Jangamo and Cumbana Health Centers Lack Electricity for Three Months

In the southern province of Inhambane, the Jangamo and Cumbana health centers have been lacking electricity for three months. Obviously, the absence of power in these health centers has been undermining the provision of basic services to users. According to complaints collected by the Citizen Observatory for Health (OCS), at night, health professionals, specifically in […]

Due to financial vulnerability: Over 400,000 Disabled People have no Access to Medicine

About 53% of disabled people, equivalent to over 400 thousand citizens, do not have access to medicine in the National Health System (SNS). The data are contained in the research on Access to Medicines for Disabled People, presented on Tuesday, in Maputo, by Pedro Nhanengue, economist and researcher in the Citizen Observatory for Health (OCS), […]

“It is Urgent to Train Health Providers in Sign Language” – Social Activist

Individuals with hearing and speech impairments face several challenges to access decent health care in the National Health System (NHS). Among several problems, we must highlight the existing barriers in the communicative process between these individuals and health professionals. In other words, deaf-mute patients are not correctly diagnosed and, consequently, they receive wrong prescriptions, running […]

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