OCS promotes debate about access to healthcare for LGBTQI+ community and Marginalized Populations

The Citizen Observatory for Health (OCS) will hold, on 13 December, an international conference entitled “Promoting Access to Health for Marginalized Populations and the LGBTQI+ Community.” The event, which is part of the “Empowering the LGBTQ+ Community in Mozambique” project, has the main objective of advocating inclusion in access to health for marginalized groups, by […]

Is it possible for MISAU to achieve certain goals in less than two years, while some indicators have worsened in the last three years?

Introduction The Health Sector in Mozambique presents chronic challenges that include, among others, low access to and quality of health services due to insufficient infrastructure, poorly equipped (equipment and materials), lack of qualified human resources and inefficient public financial management. In fact, according to the IOF 2019/20, about 45% of the population in rural areas […]

OCS calls for greater cooperation between various players in the National Health System

The Citizen Observatory for Health (OCS) calls for greater cooperation between Civil Society Organizations, the Ministry of Health (OCS), health professionals and cooperation partners in order to resolve the problems that plague the National Health System (SNS), following the threat of a strike by resident doctors at Maputo Central Hospital, Mozambique’s largest hospital. Read the […]

In The Context of The Strike: Health Professionals Guarantee Services for Another 15 Days

The Association of United Health Professionals of Mozambique  (APSUSM) – which represents nurses, laboratory technicians, drivers and other professionals in the health sector – said on Monday that its members would not resume their strike for the next 15 days, as a way of continuing to prioritize dialogue with the government in order to resolve […]

LGBTQ+ Empowerment Project Impacts Communities

The Citizen Observatory for Health (OCS) has been carrying out a project called “Empowering the LGBTQ+ Community in Mozambique”, with the aim of promoting the inclusion of the key population in civic spaces. The project – implemented in collaboration with the associations Kwaedja, Transformar and Kutchindja, and funded by Love Alliance for a year – […]

User fees contribute only 0.6% to the health budget

The contribution of user fees to the functioning of health facilities in the National Health System (SNS) is very low, at around 0.6% of total public spending, according to unveiled public by the Citizen Observatory for Health (OCS) at the Conference on Access to Health in Mozambique. The event, which took place last week in […]

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