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Analysis of the PESOE 2024 Proposal with a focus on the Health Sector

The Health Sector in Mozambique presents chronic challenges that include, among others, low access to and quality of health services due to insufficient infrastructure, poorly equipped (equipment and materials), lack of qualified human resources and inefficient public financial management. In fact, according to the IOF 2019/20, about 45% of the population in rural areas (where about 67% of the population lives) does not have access to health services. In summary, the following indicators provide a snapshot of the challenges of the National Health System (NHS): i) a ratio of 17,419 inhabitants/health unit, i.e., 7,419 inhabitants more than recommended by the WHO, ii) the current ratio of 0.7 beds/1000 inhabitants (inhab.) is about 3 times lower than that recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). iii) about 95% of health professionals are composed of health technicians and nurses and only 5% are physicians. The ratio of health professionals per 1000 inhabitants (1.7 health professionals/1000 inhabitants) is below that recommended by the WHO to ensure primary health care coverage for the population  (Annual Report on the Health Sector Balance, 2021).

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